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Environmental dimension

“In running its operations the Pirelli Group is mindful of the Environment and public health.

A key consideration in investment and business decisions is environmental sustainability, with the Group supporting eco-compatible growth, not least through the adoption of special technologies and production methods (where this is operationally feasible and economically viable) that allow for the reduction of the environmental impact of Group operations, in some cases even below statutory limits. The Group has adopted certified Environmental Management Systems to control its operations, chooses production methods and technologies that reduce waste and conserve natural resources, and assesses the indirect and direct environmental impact of its products and services.

The Group works alongside leading national and international organizations to promote environmental sustainability both on a local and a global scale.”

(Ethical Code – “Environment”).

The above principles are discussed in detail in the Group “Social Responsibility Policy for Occupational Health, Safety and Rights, and Environment,” which has been discussed in detail in the first chapter of this report.