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Pirelli approach to the management of environmental subjects

Environmental management system and certifications

The Group has implemented environmental management policies for years that pursue continual improvements in performance.

The benchmark standard for certification of environmental management systems is ISO 14001. The project to implement an environmental management system at its production units based on shared Group procedures and guidelines led Pirelli to obtaining its first ISO 14001 certifications in 1998.

ISO14001 certification is concentrated at Pirelli Tyre production units, which have the greatest potential impact on the environment.

All the same, other non-industrial installations of the Group, where design, research, logistic or service activities are operated, are preparing for or have already obtained this certification.

Special mention should be made of the ISO 14001 certification obtained by the Tyre Test Track at Vizzola Ticino. This is a scientific study and test centre for the vehicle tyre performance under different user conditions, designed and built near the Ticino River at the end of the 1960’s. Although this centre’s impact on the environment and biodiversity of the area are not insignificant, the environmental certification – obtained in 2005 – was sought by Pirelli to guarantee maximum environmental protection. In fact, the centre’s 26 hectare site lies within the “Parco Lombardo della Valle del Ticino” (Lombardy Ticino Valley Park), an Italian nature reserve listed as a UNESCO MAB (“Man and Biosphere” area, one of 425 biosphere reserves located in 95 countries around the world).

At the time this report was being prepared, a new Group audit was underway to update its map of land possibly owned, leased or managed in protected areas and/or areas of significant importance for their biodiversity, on the basis of the updated list of declared World Heritage Sites or Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO and sites protected under the Ramsar Convention.

Following is a list of the certificates that have been obtained:

Company Certification of the Environmental Management System pursuant to the UNI EN ISO 14001 – 2009 standard
Pirelli Tyre – production sites (Group perimeter) 100% of manufacturing sites certified – 100% of Tyre and Steel Cord output obtained at Certified Sites
Pirelli Tyre – Test Track at Vizzola Ticino, Italy Certified
Pirelli Eco Technology Arese Research Centre Certified
Pirelli Broadband Solutions Milan Product Development Centre Certified

In parallel with the definition of specific common guidelines and procedures for drawing up and implementing management systems, the Pirelli company intranet contains a web-based management system for “Health, Safety and Environment Data Management” (HSE DM), created and operated at the corporate level by the Health, Safety and Environment Department.

This system permits the monitoring of environmental performance at every production plant and the preparation of a wide variety of reports that are required for management and operational purposes.

Alongside the HSE-DM system, the Group completed the “CSR Data Management” (CSR-DM), an IT system for managing Group sustainability information, which is used to consolidate the environmental performance of all Pirelli sites, including non-manufacturing units.

No spills or other significant environment-related incidents occurred in 2009. Consequently, no significant fines were imposed.

However, several minor events did occur which had no negative impact on health or the environment and that were promptly dealt with and resolved in accordance with the procedures set out in the implemented environmental management systems.

360° environmental sustainability: process and product innovation

The Pirelli Group businesses include:

  • the manufacture of car, industrial and commercial vehicle, bus, motorcycle tyres and steel cord, all produced by Pirelli Tyre S.p.A.;
  • the development of sustainable mobility technologies (new fuels, innovative systems for exhaust gas reduction), which is the activity of Pirelli & C. Eco Technology S.p.A.;
  • the real estate sector, headed by Pirelli & C. Real Estate S.p.A.;
  • environmental clean-up, waste-to-energy generation and environmental services performed by Pirelli & C. Ambiente S.p.A.;
  • the development of innovative products for broadband access by residential and business customers, performed by Pirelli Broadband Solutions S.p.A.;
  • research and development in the fields of new materials and optoelectronic components.

The common denominator in all areas of activity is the environmentally sustainable management of processes, products and services, in view of developing cutting edge green solutions.

According to the report on patents and registered trademarks published in 2009 by Unioncamere, Pirelli Tyre is one of the 10 Italian companies that between 1999 and 2006 filed 3 thousand patent applications at the European Patent Office (EPO), accounting by themselves for 11.4% of the national total. This shows Company’s strong commitment to innovation.

Full integration of environmental sustainability with competitive development strategies is the principal driver for the profound green revolution that is taking place throughout the Group. In each of the business activities listed above, this awareness translates into concrete planning of:

  • green improvement activities throughout the life cycle of products;
  • provision of products and services in the fields of sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainable building construction and recovery of tyres at the end of their life cycle.