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Group Policies

Customer orientation, a key aspect of The Values and Ethical Code of the Pirelli Group, presumes that Pirelli has a constant and on-going commitment in terms of:

  • comprehension of the market context in which the Group operates;
  • consideration of the impact of the Group’s actions and behaviour on the customer;
  • exploitation of every opportunity offered by doing business to satisfy the customer’s needs;
  • “anticipation” of customer needs;
  • top product quality, as well as excellence of production systems and processes;
  • constant focus on performance to satisfy customer performance and safety expectations;
  • excellence and competitiveness on the market to offer customers quality products and services that efficiently satisfy their demands.

The Company’s commitments as listed above are similarly made explicit in the General Conditions of Supply applied by Group companies.

With reference to Advertising Communication, a steady centralisation of activities has been underway since 2009. This initiative partly reflects the code of conduct adopted by the parent company, as well as compliance with various locally applied laws and regulations in the countries where Pirelli operates. Pirelli ATL activities comply with the Advertising Code of Conduct issued by UPA (Utenti Pubblicità Associati).

The Pirelli representative has been named Deputy Chairman of this association in recognition of the role played by Pirelli in support of this code. The Company participates in the Consumer Forum through the UPA. The Forum is an entity created by businesses and consumer associations to promote consumer protection.

Pirelli is also a member of WSA (World Federation of Advertisers), whose entire code of conduct has been adopted.

The Company only uses suppliers in the communication sector (promotions, sponsorships, advertising, producers) that, by virtue of their membership in certain business associations, adopt ethical codes envisaging respect for consumers.